What Alessia Cara Learned from Taylor Swift

Disney/Mark AshmanOne of Alessia Cara‘s early celebrity fans was Taylor Swift, who was singing Alessia’s praises when all the Canadian singer had out was an EP.  Taylor even invited Alessia to perform onstage with her during her stadium tour in support of the 1989 album, and interviewed her for a magazine. Alessia says Taylor’s fandom taught her a valuable lesson.

“I was taken aback, in a good way,” Alessia tells Rolling Stone about learning just how much Taylor knew about her work.  “It taught me that no matter how big you become, it doesn’t mean you have to stop loving music or paying attention.”

Alessia also says performing with Taylor gave her a taste of what it might be like one day to headline stadiums herself — which she admits has its pluses and minuses.

“Half of it is daydreaming and the other half is just complete terror,” she says of performing to that many people. “I’ve never been one to crave attention, which I know means that this is probably the worst career to pick. I get anxious even when people come up to me for pictures, sometimes.”

She adds, “That’s the one thing that makes me hesitant about my future. But I love music too much to not do it.”

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